When you eat a sustainable potato, you are supporting a farmer and an entire community that embraces their commitment to care for the environment.

The Potato Sustainability Alliance (PSA) is made up of farmers, supply chain partners, non-profit organizations and advisors working together to improve the environmental, social and economic aspects of potato production in the United States and Canada. In conjunction with our partners, we support the identification and adoption of sustainable production practices and meet consumer and market expectations by benchmarking and communicating the sustainability performance of potato production.


To be the recognized leader in advancing potato sustainability.


We work at the intersection of farmers, businesses and communities as the trusted alliance to support, advance and communicate potato sustainability.


• Farmer-centric   • Integrity
• Excellence   • Knowledge driven
• Transparency


to deepen your engagement with potato sustainability

Initially launched as the Potato Sustainability Initiative in 2009, PSA has evolved into a roundtable format so that we can bring all interested stakeholders to the table to develop a shared vision and make sustainable potato production the “norm”. PSA is committed to defining, benchmarking and advancing sustainability through engagement, collaboration and partnerships. If your interests align with those of PSA, we would like you to join us!

As a PSA member, you will have the opportunity to shape our agenda, network with farmers, companies and organizations leading the way in potato sustainability, and accelerate widespread adoption of sustainable agricultural practices in the United States and Canada.


PSA is governed by representatives from the following member categories:

  • Grower Organizations
  • Processors
  • Fresh Packers
  • Buyers
  • Input Suppliers
  • Environmental Non-Governmental Organizations


Utilize PSA survey tool to assess, benchmark, improve and communicate sustainability practices.


Work with your members to advance and communicate potato sustainability.


Improve transparency, decision making and resilience along the supply chain in a manner that supports people, the planet and profits.


Engage with farmers and supply chain partners to drive the adoption of production and conservation practices that support lands, water and wildlife.


Define what it takes to produce potatoes in a manner that enhances the environment and provides farm families with a rewarding lifestyle

Measure the uptake of sustainability practices across all of our growers thru a survey instrument and benchmark our current performance

Inspire others to join by focusing on shared outcome-based goals

Collaborate on impactful projects

Communicate our results with credibility using robust data


 Create a transparent and credible certification framework that benchmarks and advances potato sustainability

Coordinate priorities, identify gaps, and strengthen existing efforts at the state, provincial and national levels in the United States and Canada

Define a consistent message on potato sustainability

Improve awareness and engagement with farmers, supply chain partners and NGOs

Attract resources and scale impact through impactful partnerships and projects